Incredible Science Fiction books

Science Fiction does not get much more perfect than this. Frank Herbert’s Dune is every Science fiction addict’s wet dream. Many people claim Dune is Science Fiction’s reply to Lord of the Rings: and I have to admit.. it sure is. There are many great science fiction books, but Dune is indeed a monster among giants. It really is at the top of Science Fiction literary success.

Starship Troopers
War is gorgeous according to Robert Heinlein. This is a novel about the elevation of war. The premise: space-marines wearing unique power armor fight vicious alien insects. Basically, it is a rip-roaring journey through the galaxy that you don’t want to miss.

A Corollary: Foundation is a series for readers who love big, hard ideas. If you are looking for a book that’s serious on the action but thin on ideas, this may not be the book for you. The powers of the techniques presented are the heart of this story, not the characterization. Despite this, it is one of those science fiction books that you just want to read. You will never think about Science Fiction the same way after exploring the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.

Snow Crash
Pizza delivery boy, part-time hacker, and full time samauri swordsman… meet Hiro Protagonist. Snow Crash is a wonderful story not short on action. The book rejuvenated and redefined the Cyberpunk genre. If you want a novel with loads of thrills, stunning technologies a’la The Matrix, and granular innovative dystopia of the Blade Runner variety, Snow Crash is the best recommendation there is. This novel was written by Neal Stephenson.

Forever War
The Forever War is pretty much the Vietnam War in Space. It’s bloody and brutal and makes a powerful case that war truly is pointless. Don’t let the powerful political statement of the novel deter you; this is Science Fiction at its best… a hard, disturbing novel that makes you feel and think. It is a remarkable science fiction story that you don’t want to miss, a real masterpiece of the genre.

The Nights Dawn
Big space battles, a huge cast of stunning characters, political stress between planets, and all out adventure. There is a great deal of space opera in this, but Peter Hamilton is one of the most remarkable character writers in the genre and his plots are just so damn stunning.

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