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The diversity of SciFi

When I was at school I read a lot of SF books, so much so that my teacher told my parents that she was worried I was not reading enough other materiel, that Science

A million words of SF for free

This anthology features 120 up-and-coming SF authors, and is free to download until the end of March 2016. Do it, do it now!

The Best of TOR

The Best of Tor is a new compilation of TOR Books best stories of 2015. It features some great stories from authors such as Kim Stanley Robinson, David D. Levin, and Michael Livingstone. Best

Chinese Science fiction

Yes it does exist, and it’s quite good by all accounts. The Mega-hit Three Body Problem won it’s author Cixin Liu the Hugo Award in 2015. He has written two sequels, also very successful

Incredible Science Fiction books

Dune Science Fiction does not get much more perfect than this. Frank Herbert’s Dune is every Science fiction addict’s wet dream. Many people claim Dune is Science Fiction’s reply to Lord of the Rings:

The Expanse

Good science fiction shows are hard to come by on TV. Whilst the genre seems to be dominating the big screen, television is an entirely different story. However, SyFy seemed to have succeeded with