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Ocean Black – excerpt

    Excerpt: Ocean Black: The Noble Exiles, Chapter Three Edmond Wedge March 1, 2017 At the last second before contact, she slammed the controls forward, then pulled back again a half-second and punched


  DIRT by Nick Busse Cadet Cyrsev’s visit was pleasant until it was murderous. “Gloves,” I said absentmindedly. “You pullin’ weeds?” “In a manner of speaking,” Cyrsev said. He concealed his growing smile with

Broken Record

Broken Record by Simon Whitaker The Inquisitor paused, his finger hovering over one of three buttons.  The first was the PROCEED button, it allowed the cargo under investigation to proceed through Customs to it’s


LEGENDARY MOTHER DR Montgomery Jack The beast is vulnerable. It’s odd to call you that, to think of my teacher, my nurturer as prey. And yet here we are. For now, my name is

Out There

High on the roof, where the raucous noise of the city’s nightlife was distant enough that it was nothing more than a dull thrum, Aamil took a seat on one of the old, rusted

The Great Peace

Author’s note: All thanks to Stephen Hawking and his funding of what most be one of the most important discoveries for humans. In 2015, Hawking announced the launch of a new search for extraterrestrial