LEGENDARY MOTHER DR Montgomery Jack The beast is vulnerable. It’s odd to call you that, to think of my teacher, my nurturer as prey. And yet here we are. For now, my name is

Interview with Kenneth Preston

Tell us about your debut novel Sure. It’s titled “The Passing of Each Perfect Moment.” It is a science fiction/mystery story. It’s been very well-received! It’s getting great reviews on Amazon! I couldn’t be

The Best of TOR

The Best of Tor is a new compilation of TOR Books best stories of 2015. It features some great stories from authors such as Kim Stanley Robinson, David D. Levin, and Michael Livingstone. Best

Out There

High on the roof, where the raucous noise of the city’s nightlife was distant enough that it was nothing more than a dull thrum, Aamil took a seat on one of the old, rusted

Chinese Science fiction

Yes it does exist, and it’s quite good by all accounts. The Mega-hit Three Body Problem won it’s author Cixin Liu the Hugo Award in 2015. He has written two sequels, also very successful

Incredible Science Fiction books

Dune Science Fiction does not get much more perfect than this. Frank Herbert’s Dune is every Science fiction addict’s wet dream. Many people claim Dune is Science Fiction’s reply to Lord of the Rings:

The Expanse

Good science fiction shows are hard to come by on TV. Whilst the genre seems to be dominating the big screen, television is an entirely different story. However, SyFy seemed to have succeeded with

The Great Peace

Author’s note: All thanks to Stephen Hawking and his funding of what most be one of the most important discoveries for humans. In 2015, Hawking announced the launch of a new search for extraterrestrial

Bryan Perkins

My name’s Bryan “with a Y” Perkins and I make the money I need to survive in our capitalist society by doing independently contracted quality assurance work for search engines. That’s a fancy way

The Hunt for Pierre Jnr

What would it be like if our government was run like social media? What if we could give upvotes and downvotes to policies, cutting out the need for representatives, corruption, lobby groups and much