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Ocean Black – excerpt

    Excerpt: Ocean Black: The Noble Exiles, Chapter Three Edmond Wedge March 1, 2017 At the last second before contact, she slammed the controls forward, then pulled back again a half-second and punched

An interview with Eldritch Black

1. Your work is mostly in the Gothic Horror vein, but you do stray into Steampunk which qualifies as SF.  So tell us about your work.  Will you be doing more Steampunk in the future?Thank

Kieran Song

Kieran Song is about to publish his first full-length novel…let’s learn more: Tell us a bit about yourself. Everyone has that single wish they desire above all else. For some, it’s discovering that fairy

Charissa Dufour interview

Charissa Dufour is a writer of both Sci-Fi and fantasy, and everything in between!  She answered a few questions for us..   1. Tell us about your Echoes of Sol series Where do I

Aussie Sci-Fi author Mark R. Healy

Mark Healy has several popular SF series under his belt, notably The Reach and Distant Suns… 1.  Tell us about your saga ‘The Reach’ The Reach is my second series and was published in

Interview with Clayton Smith

Clayton Smith has had a fair bit of success on amazon with his quirky small-town sci-fi.  He kindly answered a few question for us. 1. Your work has been described as a cross between

Robert J Sawyer interview

  Robert J. Sawyer is a Canadian Science Fiction writer who has been at it for a long time, winning both the Hugo and Nebula awards along the way.  He answered a few questions

Battlefield Earth

I first came across Battlefield Earth when I was about 14 or 15, so around 1985.  I had a paper round and the newsagent where I worked also sold books, stacked in a great

J.P. Beaubien gives us Terrible Writing Advice and a book of some pretty good writing!

J.P. Beaubien  is the creator of the Youtube series Terrible Writing Advice and the author of time travel thriller Aeon Legion: Labyrinth   1. What came first, the book or the videos? The idea for Terrible

Trouble with Lichen – review

Trouble With Lichen John Wyndham I first heard about this book in Year 10 at school, so around 1985.  I must have been reading another John Wyndham book at the time, possible Day of