Charissa Dufour interview

Charissa Dufour is a writer of both Sci-Fi and fantasy, and everything in between!  She answered a few questions for us..



1. Tell us about your Echoes of Sol series

Where do I begin? The Echoes of Sol series follows the crew of Lenore,
a broken-down space freighter set 300 years in the future, where we as
human beings have terraformed a few planets in our known solar system.
Some of the planets have progressed well, others (Earth) have
worsened. In this dark time, the series opens with the main character,
an indentured servant, being lost in a game of poker to the Lenore’s
first pilot. From there, the adventure takes off.

2 What are some of your favorite Science Fiction books or authors?

One of my all-time favorite authors is Anne McCaffrey, author of
Dragon Riders of Pern (and many other series). The Dragon Riders of
Pern transforms itself from sci-fi to fantasy through the course of
the long series by a regression of technology. Her world is incredibly
creative and unique.

I confess I read more fantasy than sci-fi, so those are the authors I
want to share with friends.


Another great fantasy author is C.N. Lesley. She also has a series
that transcends sci-fi vs. fantasy borders. It deals with the legend
of Arthur in a sort of post-apocalypse world. I strongly suggest you
check out her Shadow’s over Avalon series.

3. Did you grow up reading & watching SciFi/Fantasy?

Yes. Absolutely. My favorite series as a child was the Chronicles of
Narnia. And, of course, there is Lord of the Rings. I remember seeing
Lord of the Rings for the first time, having never read the books. It
was like a whole new world opened up to me.

4 Do you plan extensively when writing, or write on the fly?

I am a hybrid. I outline the key turning points and some scenes that
I’ve had in my head, then I start writing. As I run out of planned
scenes, I outline a few chapters ahead of myself, then go back to
writing. Often times my characters surprise me and I have to alter my
plan, therefore I always consider what I have outlined as fluid.

5. What is your daily writing routine?

My daily writing routine usually starts with morning marketing crap.
From there I choose a movie to watch on repeat for the day (Some of my
favorites are Airforce One, The Bourne Series, and Behind Enemy
Lines). Then I check Facebook and start chatting with someone about
nothing in particular. From there I get my word documents open and
check Facebook again. Then I write a little and, wait for it, check
Facebook. I take it you’re catching a theme here. Oh, and coffee.
Coffee is a huge part of this routine!

6. What are you working on next?


I am currently working on Echoes of Sol book 5 (untitled). As it is
the series that my fans are eating up, I’ve been focusing on it. Soon,
though, I will write Void 4. I also have an entirely new medieval
series in the works with about 20k words written in the first book.
I’m really excited to share this series with my fans, but they keep
wanting more of Bit and the crew of the Lenore!

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